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18.3.8 Tsqware Sparclet

No value for GDBN enables developers to debug tasks running on Sparclet targets from a Unix host. No value for GDBN uses code that runs on both the Unix host and on the Sparclet target. The program No value for GDBP is installed and executed on the Unix host.

remotetimeout args

No value for GDBN supports the option remotetimeout. This option is set by the user, and args represents the number of seconds No value for GDBN waits for responses.

When compiling for debugging, include the options ‘-g’ to get debug information and ‘-Ttext’ to relocate the program to where you wish to load it on the target. You may also want to add the options ‘-n’ or ‘-N’ in order to reduce the size of the sections. Example:

sparclet-aout-gcc prog.c -Ttext 0x12010000 -g -o prog -N

You can use objdump to verify that the addresses are what you intended:

sparclet-aout-objdump --headers --syms prog

Once you have set your Unix execution search path to find No value for GDBN, you are ready to run No value for GDBN. From your Unix host, run No value for GDBP (or sparclet-aout-gdb, depending on your installation).

No value for GDBN comes up showing the prompt:


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