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B.1 Requirements for Building No value for GDBN

Building No value for GDBN requires various tools and packages to be available. Other packages will be used only if they are found.

Tools/Packages Necessary for Building No value for GDBN

ISO C90 compiler

No value for GDBN is written in ISO C90. It should be buildable with any working C90 compiler, e.g. GCC.

Tools/Packages Optional for Building No value for GDBN


No value for GDBN can use the Expat XML parsing library. This library may be included with your operating system distribution; if it is not, you can get the latest version from The ‘configure’ script will search for this library in several standard locations; if it is installed in an unusual path, you can use the ‘--with-libexpat-prefix’ option to specify its location.

Expat is used for remote protocol memory maps (see section Memory Map Format) and for target descriptions (see section Target Descriptions).

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