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D.9.2 Protocol Basics

The File-I/O protocol uses the F packet as the request as well as reply packet. Since a File-I/O system call can only occur when No value for GDBN is waiting for a response from the continuing or stepping target, the File-I/O request is a reply that No value for GDBN has to expect as a result of a previous ‘C’, ‘c’, ‘S’ or ‘s’ packet. This F packet contains all information needed to allow No value for GDBN to call the appropriate host system call:

At this point, No value for GDBN has to perform the following actions.

Eventually No value for GDBN replies with another F packet which contains all necessary information for the target to continue. This at least contains

After having done the needed type and value coercion, the target continues the latest continue or step action.

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