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10.1.6 Starting and Stopping Trace Experiments


This command takes no arguments. It starts the trace experiment, and begins collecting data. This has the side effect of discarding all the data collected in the trace buffer during the previous trace experiment.


This command takes no arguments. It ends the trace experiment, and stops collecting data.

Note: a trace experiment and data collection may stop automatically if any tracepoint's passcount is reached (see section Tracepoint Passcounts), or if the trace buffer becomes full.


This command displays the status of the current trace data collection.

Here is an example of the commands we described so far:

(No value for GDBP) trace gdb_c_test
(No value for GDBP) actions
Enter actions for tracepoint #1, one per line.
> collect $regs,$locals,$args
> while-stepping 11
  > collect $regs
  > end
> end
(No value for GDBP) tstart
	[time passes …]
(No value for GDBP) tstop

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