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On DOS/Windows systems, the home directory is the one pointed to by the HOME environment variable.


Currently, only GNU/Linux.


Note that embedded programs (the so-called “free-standing” environment) are not required to have a main function as the entry point. They could even have multiple entry points.


The only restriction is that your editor (say ex), recognizes the following command-line syntax:

ex +number file

The optional numeric value +number specifies the number of the line in the file where to start editing.


b’ cannot be used because these format letters are also used with the x command, where ‘b’ stands for “byte”; see Examining Memory.


This is a way of removing one word from the stack, on machines where stacks grow downward in memory (most machines, nowadays). This assumes that the innermost stack frame is selected; setting $sp is not allowed when other stack frames are selected. To pop entire frames off the stack, regardless of machine architecture, use return; see Returning from a Function.


If you choose a port number that conflicts with another service, gdbserver prints an error message and exits.


In ‘gdb-No value for GDBVN/gdb/’ of the version No value for GDBVN release.


The ‘qP’ and ‘qL’ packets predate these conventions, and have arguments without any terminator for the packet name; we suspect they are in widespread use in places that are difficult to upgrade. The ‘qC’ packet has no arguments, but some existing stubs (e.g. RedBoot) are known to not check for the end of the packet.

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