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3.3 autoconf

The autoconf program produces a Bourne shell script called ‘configure’ from a template file called ‘’. ‘’ contains both Bourne shell script, and m4 macros. autoconf expands the m4 macros into `real' shell script. The resulting ‘configure’ script performs various checks for installed programs, compiler characteristics and other system information such as available headers and libraries. See GNU autoconf: (autoconf)Top, for more information.

GIMP-Print provides an m4 macro, AM_PATH_GIMPPRINT, suitable for use in a ‘’. It defines the environment variables GIMPPRINT_CFLAGS, GIMPPRINT_LIBS and GIMPPRINT_CONFIG. You can optionally specify a minimum version of the library to use, and shell script to run if the test suceeds or fails.

Macro: AM_PATH_GIMPPRINT ([minimum-version [, action-if-found [, action-if-not-found]]])

Check for an installed version of GIMP-Print greater than or equal to minimum-version.

action-if-found is a list of shell commands to run if the check for the library succeeds; action-if-not-found is a list of shell commands to run if the check fails.

The macro sets the following environment variables: GIMPPRINT_CFLAGS, GIMPPRINT_LIBS and GIMPPRINT_CONFIG. It also will substitute them into any ‘’ you specify in AC_OUTPUT because it calls AC_SUBST for each of them. However, you will probably be using automake to generate your ‘’ files (see section automake).

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