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3.8 Useful Macros and Constants

Global Constant: const int mp_bits_per_limb

The number of bits per limb.


The major and minor GMP version, and patch level, respectively, as integers. For GMP i.j, these numbers will be i, j, and 0, respectively. For GMP i.j.k, these numbers will be i, j, and k, respectively.

Global Constant: const char * const gmp_version

The GMP version number, as a null-terminated string, in the form “i.j.k”. This release is "6.0.0". Note that the format “i.j” was used, before version 4.3.0, when k was zero.

Macro: __GMP_CC

The compiler and compiler flags, respectively, used when compiling GMP, as strings.

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