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6.3 Arithmetic Functions

Function: void mpq_add (mpq_t sum, const mpq_t addend1, const mpq_t addend2)

Set sum to addend1 + addend2.

Function: void mpq_sub (mpq_t difference, const mpq_t minuend, const mpq_t subtrahend)

Set difference to minuend - subtrahend.

Function: void mpq_mul (mpq_t product, const mpq_t multiplier, const mpq_t multiplicand)

Set product to multiplier times multiplicand.

Function: void mpq_mul_2exp (mpq_t rop, const mpq_t op1, mp_bitcnt_t op2)

Set rop to op1 times 2 raised to op2.

Function: void mpq_div (mpq_t quotient, const mpq_t dividend, const mpq_t divisor)

Set quotient to dividend/divisor.

Function: void mpq_div_2exp (mpq_t rop, const mpq_t op1, mp_bitcnt_t op2)

Set rop to op1 divided by 2 raised to op2.

Function: void mpq_neg (mpq_t negated_operand, const mpq_t operand)

Set negated_operand to -operand.

Function: void mpq_abs (mpq_t rop, const mpq_t op)

Set rop to the absolute value of op.

Function: void mpq_inv (mpq_t inverted_number, const mpq_t number)

Set inverted_number to 1/number. If the new denominator is zero, this routine will divide by zero.

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