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1.1 Quick configuration advice

If you want to exploit the full power of internationalization, you should configure it using

./configure --with-included-gettext

to force usage of internationalizing routines provided within this package, despite the existence of internationalizing capabilities in the operating system where this package is being installed. So far, only the gettext implementation in the GNU C library version 2 provides as many features (such as locale alias, message inheritance, automatic charset conversion or plural form handling) as the implementation here. It is also not possible to offer this additional functionality on top of a catgets implementation. Future versions of GNU gettext will very likely convey even more functionality. So it might be a good idea to change to GNU gettext as soon as possible.

So you need not provide this option if you are using GNU libc 2 or you have installed a recent copy of the GNU gettext package with the included ‘libintl’.

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