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8.8 @inforef: Cross References to Info-only Material

@inforef is used for making cross references to Info documents—even from a printed manual. This might be because you want to refer to conditional @ifinfo text (see section Conditionally Visible Text), or because printed output is not available (perhaps because there is no Texinfo source), among other possibilities.

The command takes either two or three arguments, in the following order:

  1. The node name.
  2. The cross reference name (optional).
  3. The Info file name.

Separate the arguments with commas, as with @xref. Also, you must terminate the reference with a comma or period after the ‘}’, as you do with @xref.

The template is:

@inforef{node-name, cross-reference-name, info-file-name},

For example,

@inforef{Advanced, Advanced Info commands, info},
for more information.

produces (in Info):

*Note Advanced Info commands: (info)Advanced,
for more information.

and (in the printed output):

See Info file ‘info’, node ‘Advanced’, for more information.

(This particular example is not realistic, since the Info manual is written in Texinfo, so all formats are available. In fact, we don’t know of any extant Info-only manuals.)

The converse of @inforef is @cite, which is used to refer to printed works for which no Info form exists. See section @cite{reference}.

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