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10.15 @indent: Forcing Indentation

To complement the @noindent command (see the previous section), Texinfo provides the @indent command that forces a paragraph to be indented. This paragraph, for instance, is indented using an @indent command. The first paragraph of a section is the most likely place to use @indent, to override the normal behavior of no indentation there (see section @paragraphindent: Controlling Paragraph Indentation).

It is best to write @indent on a line by itself, since in most environments, spaces following the command will not be ignored. The @indent line will not generate a blank line in the Info output within an environment.

However, it is ok to use it at the beginning of a line, with text following, outside of any environment.

Do not put braces after an @indent command; they are not necessary, since @indent is a command used outside of paragraphs (see section @-Command Syntax).

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