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14.7.4 @dots (…) and @enddots (...)

An ellipsis (a sequence of dots) would be spaced wrong when typeset as a string of periods, so a special command is used in Texinfo: use the @dots{} command to generate a normal ellipsis, which is three dots in a row, appropriately spaced … like so. To emphasize: do not simply write three periods in the input file; that would work for the Info file output, but would produce the wrong amount of space between the periods in the printed manual.

The @enddots{} command generates an end-of-sentence ellipsis, which also has three dots, but with different spacing afterwards, ... Look closely to see the difference.

Here is an ellipsis: … Here are three periods in a row: ...

In printed (and usually HTML) output, the three periods in a row are much closer together than the dots in the ellipsis.

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