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2.6 Formatting for Info

Texinfo mode provides several commands for formatting part or all of a Texinfo file for Info. Often, when you are writing a document, you want to format only part of a file—that is, a region.

You can use either the texinfo-format-region or the makeinfo-region command to format a region:

C-c C-e C-r
M-x texinfo-format-region
C-c C-m C-r
M-x makeinfo-region

Format the current region for Info.

You can use either the texinfo-format-buffer or the makeinfo-buffer command to format a whole buffer:

C-c C-e C-b
M-x texinfo-format-buffer
C-c C-m C-b
M-x makeinfo-buffer

Format the current buffer for Info.

For example, after writing a Texinfo file, you can type the following:

C-u C-c C-u m
C-u M-x texinfo-master-menu

This updates all the nodes and menus. Then type the following to create an Info file:

C-c C-m C-b
M-x makeinfo-buffer

For TeX or the Info formatting commands to work, the file must include a line that has @setfilename in its header.

See section Creating an Info File, for details about Info formatting.

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