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21.4 Print With lpr -d From Shell

The precise command to print a DVI file depends on your system installation. Two common ones are ‘dvips foo.dvi -o’ and ‘lpr -d foo.dvi’.

For example, the following commands will (perhaps) suffice to sort the indices, format, and print the Bison Manual:

tex bison.texinfo
texindex bison.??
tex bison.texinfo
lpr -d bison.dvi

(Remember that the shell commands may be different at your site; but these are commonly used versions.)

Using the texi2dvi shell script (see the previous section):

texi2dvi bison.texinfo
lpr -d bison.dvi
# or perhaps dvips bison.dvi -o

lpr is a standard program on Unix systems, but it is usually absent on MS-DOS/MS-Windows. Some network packages come with a program named lpr, but these are usually limited to sending files to a print server over the network, and generally don’t support the ‘-d’ option. If you are unfortunate enough to work on one of these systems, you have several alternative ways of printing DVI files:

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