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22.5.1 Customization Variables for @-Commands

Each of the following @-commands has an associated customization variable with the same name (minus the leading @):

@allowcodebreaks @clickstyle @codequotebacktick
@codequoteundirected @contents @deftypefnnewline
@documentdescription @documentencoding @documentlanguage
@evenfooting   @evenfootingmarks
@evenheading   @evenheadingmarks
@everyfooting  @everyfootingmarks
@everyheading  @everyheadingmarks 
@exampleindent @firstparagraphindent
@fonttextsize  @footnotestyle @frenchspacing @headings
@kbdinputstyle @novalidate
@oddfooting    @oddfootingmarks
@oddheading    @oddheadingmarks
@pagesizes     @paragraphindent
@setchapternewpage @setcontentsaftertitlepage
@setshortcontentsaftertitlepage @shortcontents
@urefbreakstyle @xrefautomaticsectiontitle

Setting such a customization variable to a value ‘foo’ is similar to executing @cmd foo. It is not exactly the same, though, since any side effects of parsing the Texinfo source are not redone. Also, some variables do not take Texinfo code when generating particular formats, but an argument that is already formatted. This is the case, for example, for HTML for documentdescription.

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