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3.2 Texinfo File Header

Texinfo files start with at least three lines that provide Texinfo translators with necessary information. These are the \input texinfo line, the @settitle line, and the @setfilename line.

Also, if you want to format just part of the Texinfo file in Emacs, you must write the @settitle and @setfilename lines between start-of-header and end-of-header lines. These start- and end-of-header lines are optional, but they do no harm, so you might as well always include them.

Any command that affects document formatting as a whole makes sense to include in the header. @synindex (see section @synindex: Combining indices), for instance, is another command often included in the header.

Thus, the beginning of a Texinfo file generally looks approximately like this:

\input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c %**start of header
@settitle Sample Manual 1.0
@c %**end of header

(See section GNU Sample Texts, for complete sample texts.)

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