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F.2.4 Info Format: Cross Reference

A general cross reference in Info format is written as follows:

    <cross-reference> =
* (N|n)ote (<id>:: | <label>:(<lparen><infofile><rparen>)?<id>(.|,))

Whether ‘note’ or ‘Note’ is used is not significant.

The ‘<id>::’ form indicates a node or anchor reference within the current manual.

The longer form indicates a general reference, typically used to refer to a node or anchor in a different manual, but possibly to the current manual. The <label> is descriptive text; the optional ‘(<infofile>)’ is the filename of the manual being referenced, and the <id> is the node or anchor within that manual, terminated by a comma or period. That final punctuation is part of the surrounding sentence, and should be displayed.

Here are some examples:

*note GNU Free Documentation License::
*note Tag table: Info Format Tag Table, for details.
*Note Overview: (make)Top.

The first shows the short form, a reference to a node in the current manual.

The second also refers to a node in the current manual, namely ‘Info Format Tag Table’; the ‘Tag table’ before the ‘:’ is only a label on this particular reference.

The third example refers to the node ‘Top’ in another manual, namely ‘make’, with ‘Overview’ being the label for this cross reference.

See section Cross References.

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