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3.3.2 @insertcopying: Include Permissions Text

The @insertcopying command is simply written on a line by itself, like this:


This inserts the text previously defined by @copying. To meet legal requirements, it must be used on the copyright page in the printed manual (see section Copyright Page).

The @copying command itself causes the permissions text to appear in an Info file before the first node. The text is also copied into the beginning of each split Info output file, as is legally necessary. This location implies a human reading the manual using Info does not see this text (except when using the advanced Info command g *), but this does not matter for legal purposes, because the text is present.

Similarly, the @copying text is automatically included at the beginning of each HTML output file, as an HTML comment. Again, this text is not visible (unless the reader views the HTML source).

The permissions text defined by @copying also appears automatically at the beginning of the XML and Docbook output files.

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