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5.4 @unnumbered, @appendix: Chapters with Other Labeling

Use the @unnumbered command to start a chapter-level element that appears without chapter numbers of any kind. Use the @appendix command to start an appendix that is labeled by letter (‘A’, ‘B’, …) instead of by number; appendices are also at the chapter level of structuring.

Write an @appendix or @unnumbered command at the beginning of a line and follow it on the same line by the title, just as with @chapter.

Texinfo also provides a command @centerchap, which is analogous to @unnumbered, but centers its argument in the printed and HTML outputs. This kind of stylistic choice is not usually offered by Texinfo. It may be suitable for short documents.

With @unnumbered, if the name of the associated node is one of these English words (case-insensitive):

Acknowledgements  Colophon  Dedication  Preface

then the Docbook output uses corresponding special tags (<preface>, etc.) instead of the default <chapter>. The argument to @unnumbered itself can be anything, and is output as the following <title> text as usual.

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