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5.7 @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, @heading

The @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, and @heading commands are, respectively, the unnumbered, appendix-like, and heading-like equivalents of the @section command (see the previous section).

@unnumberedsec and @appendixsec do not need to be used in ordinary circumstances, because @section may also be used within @unnumbered and @appendix chapters; again, see the previous section.


The @unnumberedsec command may be used within an unnumbered chapter or within a regular chapter or appendix to produce an unnumbered section.


@appendixsection is a longer spelling of the @appendixsec command; the two are synonymous.

Conventionally, the @appendixsec or @appendixsection command is used only within appendices.


You may use the @heading command anywhere you wish for a section-style heading that will not appear in the table of contents.

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