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5.9 The @subsection-like Commands

The @unnumberedsubsec, @appendixsubsec, and @subheading commands are, respectively, the unnumbered, appendix-like, and heading-like equivalents of the @subsection command. (See section @subsection: Subsections Below Sections.)

@unnumberedsubsec and @appendixsubsec do not need to be used in ordinary circumstances, because @subsection may also be used within sections of @unnumbered and @appendix chapters (see section @section: Sections Below Chapters).

An @subheading command produces a heading like that of a subsection except that it is not numbered and does not appear in the table of contents. Similarly, an @unnumberedsubsec command produces an unnumbered heading like that of a subsection and an @appendixsubsec command produces a subsection-like heading labeled with a letter and numbers; both of these commands produce headings that appear in the table of contents. In Info and plain text, the @subsection-like commands generate a title underlined with hyphens.

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