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PERLAMIGA(1pm)         Perl Programmers Reference Guide         PERLAMIGA(1pm)


       perlamiga - Perl under AmigaOS 4.1


       This is a port of Perl 5.22.1, it is a fresh port and not in any way
       compatible with my previous ports of Perl 5.8 and 5.16.3. This means
       you will need to reinstall / rebuild any third party modules you have

       newlib.library version 53.28 or greater is required.


       Once perl is installed you can read this document in the following way

               sh -c "perldoc perlamiga"

       or you may read as is: either as README.amiga, or pod/perlamiga.pod.


   Prerequisites for running Perl 5.22.1 under AmigaOS 4.1
       AmigaOS 4.1 update 6 with all updates applied as of 9th October 2013
             The most important of which is:

       newlib.library version 53.28 or greater
       AmigaOS SDK
             Perl installs into the SDK directory structure and expects many
             of the build tools present in the SDK to be available. So for the
             best results install the SDK first.

             If you do not have the SDK installed you must at least have abc-
             shell installed or some other suitable sh port. This is required
             to run external commands and should be available as 'sh' in your

   Starting Perl programs under AmigaOS 4.1
       Perl may be run from the AmigaOS shell but for best results should be
       run under abc-shell.  (abc-shell handles file globbing, pattern
       expansion, and sets up environment variables in the UN*Xy way that Perl

       For example:

               New Shell process 10
               10.AmigaOS4:> sh
               /AmigaOS4>perl path:to/myprog arg1 arrg2 arg3

       Abc-shell can also launch programs via the #! syntax at the start of
       the program file, it's best use the form #!SDK:Local/C/perl so that the
       AmigaOS shell may also find perl in the same way. AmigaOS requires the
       script bit to be set for this to work

               10.AmigaOS4:> sh
               /AmigaOS4>myprog arg1 arrg2 arg3

   Limitations of Perl under AmigaOS 4.1
       Nested Piped programs can crash when run from older abc-shells
             abc-shell version 53.2 has a bug that can cause crashes in the
             subprocesses used to run piped programs, if a later version is
             available you should install it instead.

       Incorrect or unexpected command line unescaping
             newlib.library 53.30 and earlier incorrectly unescape slashed
             escape sequences e.g. \" \n \t etc requiring unusual extra

       Starting subprocesses via open has limitations
                     open FH, "command |"

             Subprocesses started with open use a minimal popen() routine and
             therefore they do not return pids usable with waitpid etc.

       If you find any other limitations or bugs then let me know.
             Please report bugs in this version of perl to
    in the first instance.


       This guide assumes you have obtained a prebuilt archive from

       Unpack the main archive to a temporary location (RAM: is fine).

       Execute the provided install script from shell or via its icon.

       You must not attempt to install by hand.

       Once installed you may delete the temporary archive.

       This approach will preserve links in the installation without creating
       duplicate binaries.

       If you have the earlier ports perl 5.16 or 5.8 installed you may like
       to rename your perl executable to perl516 or perl58 or something
       similar before the installation of 5.22.1, this will allow you to use
       both versions at the same time.

Amiga Specific Modules

       The Amiga::ARexx module allows you to easily create a perl based ARexx
       host or to send ARexx commands to other programs.

       Try "perldoc Amiga::ARexx" for more info.

       The Amiga::Exec module introduces support for Wait().

       Try "perldoc Amiga::Exec" for more info.


       To build perl under AmigaOS from the patched sources you will need to
       have a recent version of the SDK. Version 53.29 is recommended, earlier
       versions will probably work too.

       With the help of Jarkko Hietaniemi the Configure system has been
       tweaked to run under abc-shell so the recommend build process is as

               stack 2000000
               sh Configure -de

       This will build the default setup that installs under


       August 2015
             Port to Perl 5.22
             Add handling of NIL: to afstat()
             Fix inheritance of environment variables by subprocesses.
             Fix exec, and exit in "forked" subprocesses.
             Fix issue with newlib's unlink, which could cause infinite loops.
             Add flock() emulation using IDOS->LockRecord thanks to Tony Cook
             for the suggestion.
             Fix issue where kill was using the wrong kind of process ID
       27th November 2013
             Create new installation system based on installperl links and
             Amiga protection bits now set correctly.
             Pod now defaults to text.
             File::Spec should now recognise an Amiga style absolute path as
             well as an Unix style one. Relative paths must always be Unix
       20th November 2013
             Configured to use SDK:Local/C/perl to start standard scripts
             Added Amiga::Exec module with support for Wait() and AmigaOS
             signal numbers.
       10th October 13
             First release of port to 5.16.3.


       You like this port?  See <> for how
       you can help.

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