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PERLRISCOS(1pm)        Perl Programmers Reference Guide        PERLRISCOS(1pm)


       perlriscos - Perl version 5 for RISC OS


       This document gives instructions for building Perl for RISC OS. It is
       complicated by the need to cross compile. There is a binary version of
       perl available from <> which you may wish to
       use instead of trying to compile it yourself.


       You need an installed and working gccsdk cross compiler
       <> and REXEN

       Firstly, copy the source and build a native copy of perl for your host
       system.  Then, in the source to be cross compiled:

               $ ./Configure

       2.  Select the riscos hint file. The default answers for the rest of
           the questions are usually sufficient.

           Note that, if you wish to run Configure non-interactively (see the
           INSTALL document for details), to have it select the correct hint
           file, you'll need to provide the argument -Dhintfile=riscos on the
           Configure command-line.

               $ make miniperl

       4.  This should build miniperl and then fail when it tries to run it.

       5.  Copy the miniperl executable from the native build done earlier to
           replace the cross compiled miniperl.

               $ make

       7.  This will use miniperl to complete the rest of the build.


       Alex Waugh <>

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