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DBM_Filter::null(3pm)  Perl Programmers Reference Guide  DBM_Filter::null(3pm)


       DBM_Filter::null - filter for DBM_Filter


           use SDBM_File; # or DB_File, GDBM_File, NDBM_File, or ODBM_File
           use DBM_Filter ;

           $db = tie %hash, ...


       This filter ensures that all data written to the DBM file is null
       terminated. This is useful when you have a perl script that needs to
       interoperate with a DBM file that a C program also uses. A fairly
       common issue is for the C application to include the terminating null
       in a string when it writes to the DBM file. This filter will ensure
       that all data written to the DBM file can be read by the C application.


       DBM_Filter(3), perldbmfilter(1)


       Paul Marquess

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