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       Encode::Unicode::UTF7 -- UTF-7 encoding


           use Encode qw/encode decode/;
           $utf7 = encode("UTF-7", $utf8);
           $utf8 = decode("UTF-7", $ucs2);


       This module implements UTF-7 encoding documented in RFC 2152.  UTF-7,
       as its name suggests, is a 7-bit re-encoded version of UTF-16BE.  It is
       designed to be MTA-safe and expected to be a standard way to exchange
       Unicoded mails via mails.  But with the advent of UTF-8 and 8-bit
       compliant MTAs, UTF-7 is hardly ever used.

       UTF-7 was not supported by Encode until version 1.95 because of that.
       But Unicode::String, a module by Gisle Aas which adds Unicode supports
       to non-utf8-savvy perl did support UTF-7, the UTF-7 support was added
       so Encode can supersede Unicode::String 100%.

In Practice

       When you want to encode Unicode for mails and web pages, however, do
       not use UTF-7 unless you are sure your recipients and readers can
       handle it.  Very few MUAs and WWW Browsers support these days (only
       Mozilla seems to support one).  For general cases, use UTF-8 for
       message body and MIME-Header for header instead.


       Encode(3), Encode::Unicode(3), Unicode::String(3)

       RFC 2781 <>

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