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subs(3pm)              Perl Programmers Reference Guide              subs(3pm)


       subs - Perl pragma to predeclare subroutine names


           use subs qw(frob);
           frob 3..10;


       This will predeclare all the subroutines whose names are in the list,
       allowing you to use them without parentheses (as list operators) even
       before they're declared.

       Unlike pragmas that affect the $^H hints variable, the "use vars" and
       "use subs" declarations are not lexically scoped to the block they
       appear in: they affect the entire package in which they appear.  It is
       not possible to rescind these declarations with "no vars" or "no subs".

       See "Pragmatic Modules" in perlmodlib(1) and "strict subs" in 

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