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StartupItemContext(8)     BSD System Manager's Manual    StartupItemContext(8)


     StartupItemContext -- Execute a program in StartupItem context


     StartupItemContext [program [arguments]]


     The StartupItemContext utility launches the specified program in Star-
     tupItem bootstrap context.  Each Darwin and Mac OS X login creates a
     unique bootstrap subset context to contain login specific Mach port reg-
     istrations with the bootstrap server.  All such registrations performed
     within the context of that subset are only visible to other processes
     within that context or subsequent subsets of it.  Therefore, a Mach port
     based service/daemon launched within a login context will not be visible
     to other such contexts.

     To override this, a root user can use the StartupItemContext utility to
     launch the program within the same bootstrap context as all other Star-
     tupItems. All subsequent Mach port bootstrap registrations perfomed by
     the program will be visible system-wide.


     All bootstrap port lookups will also be resticted to the StartupItem con-
     text. The services provided on a per-login basis (clipboard, etc...) will
     not be available to the program.



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