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sc_auth(8)                BSD System Manager's Manual               sc_auth(8)


     sc_auth -- smart card authorization setup script


     sc_auth accept [-v] [-u user] [-d domain] [-k keyname]
     sc_auth accept [-v] [-u user] [-d domain] -h hash
     sc_auth remove [-v] [-u user] [-d domain]
     sc_auth hash   [-k keyname]
     sc_auth list   [-v] [-u user] [-d domain]


     sc_auth configures a local user account to permit authentication using a
     supported smart card.  Authentication is via asymmetric key (also known
     as public-key) encryption.  sc_auth works with signing keys, but not
     encryption keys.

     sc_auth can perform the following actions:

     accept   Associate a user with a public key on a card.  The key to use
              can be specified either by its name or its hash.

     remove   Remove all public keys associated with a user.

     hash     Print the hashes for all keys on all inserted cards.

     list     List all public keys associated with a user.


     -u user  Specifies the user whose account is to be modified

     -d domain
              Specifies the directory domain containing the user account

     -k keyname
              Specifies a public key by its name

     -h hash  Specifies a public key by its hash

     -v       Verbose mode


     sc_auth is a shell script.  It is intended to be modified by administra-
     tors to suit their local environments.

     sc_auth is only known to work with a local directory.  Consult the
     script's source for some limited guidance to using remote directories.


     sc_auth hash might display the hashes of encryption keys as well as sign-
     ing keys, even though sc_auth accept does not work with encryption keys.

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