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for Gcr 3.28.0 . An online version of this documentation can be found at

I. Certificates
GcrCertificate — Represents an X.509 certificate
GcrSimpleCertificate — A certificate loaded from a memory buffer
GcrPkcs11Certificate — A certificate loaded from PKCS#11 storage
GcrCertificateChain — A certificate chain
GcrCertificateRequest — Represents a certificate request
II. Collections
GcrCollection — A collection of objects.
GcrComparable — Interface for comparing objects
GcrSimpleCollection — A simple implementation of GcrCollection
GcrCollectionModel — A GtkTreeModel that represents a collection
III. Widgets
GcrCertificateWidget — Certificate widget and renderer
GcrKeyWidget — Key widget and renderer
GcrColumn — Column information for selector or model.
GcrComboSelector — A selector widget to select a single certificate or key.
GcrImportButton — Button which imports parsed certificates and keys
GcrListSelector — A selector widget to one or more certificates from a list.
GcrTreeSelector — A selector widget to select certificates or keys.
GcrRenderer — An interface implemented by renderers.
GcrViewer — A viewer which can hold renderers
GcrViewerWidget — A widget which shows certificates or keys
Widget Gallery
IV. Prompting
GcrPrompt — a user prompt
GcrPromptDialog — a GTK+ dialog prompt
GcrSystemPrompt — a system modal prompt
GcrSystemPrompter — a prompter which displays system prompts
GcrSshAskpass — Allows an ssh command to callback for a password
V. Storage
Trust Storage and Lookups — Store and lookup bits of information used for verifying certificates.
GcrImporter — Import certificates and keys
GcrImportInteraction — User interaction during importing
GcrParser — Parser for certificate and key files
VI. Miscellaneous
Library Utilities — Library utilities such as version checks
Library PKCS#11 — functions for manipulating GCR library global settings.
Key Fingerprints — Fingerprints for public and private keys
GcrSecretExchange — Exchange secrets between processes in an unexposed way.
Non-pageable Memory — Secure non-pageable memory
GcrSecureEntryBuffer — a GtkEntryBuffer that uses non-pageable memory
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