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GcrColumn — Column information for selector or model.

Types and Values


A GcrColumn is used with GcrTreeSelector or GcrCollectionModel to define the columns to display.


Types and Values


typedef struct {
	const gchar *property_name;     /* The property to retrieve */
	GType property_type;            /* The property type */
	GType column_type;              /* The resulting property type for this column */

	const gchar *label;             /* The label for this column, or NULL */
	GcrColumnFlags flags;           /* Column flags */

	GValueTransform transformer;    /* The way to transform to this type or NULL */

	gpointer user_data;
} GcrColumn;

Represents a column to display in a GcrCollectionModel or GcrTreeSelector.

The label should be set as a translatable string with a context of

"column". This should be done with with this macro:
NC_("column", "My Column Name")


const gchar *property_name;

The name of the property this column will display


GType property_type;

The type of the property


GType column_type;

The eventual type of the column


const gchar *label;

The display label for the column


GcrColumnFlags flags;

Flags from GcrColumnFlags


GValueTransform transformer;

A transformer function used to convert the value from the property type to the column type. Can be NULL if the types are the same.


gpointer user_data;

User data associated with the column


enum GcrColumnFlags

Flags to be used with GcrColumn



No column flags



Don't display this column.



This column is sortable.

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