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GDBusActionGroup — A D-Bus GActionGroup implementation

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GDBusActionGroup

Implemented Interfaces

GDBusActionGroup implements GActionGroup and GRemoteActionGroup.


#include <gio/gio.h>


GDBusActionGroup is an implementation of the GActionGroup interface that can be used as a proxy for an action group that is exported over D-Bus with g_dbus_connection_export_action_group().


g_dbus_action_group_get ()

GDBusActionGroup *
g_dbus_action_group_get (GDBusConnection *connection,
                         const gchar *bus_name,
                         const gchar *object_path);

Obtains a GDBusActionGroup for the action group which is exported at the given bus_name and object_path .

The thread default main context is taken at the time of this call. All signals on the menu model (and any linked models) are reported with respect to this context. All calls on the returned menu model (and linked models) must also originate from this same context, with the thread default main context unchanged.

This call is non-blocking. The returned action group may or may not already be filled in. The correct thing to do is connect the signals for the action group to monitor for changes and then to call g_action_group_list_actions() to get the initial list.



A GDBusConnection



the bus name which exports the action group or NULL if connection is not a message bus connection.



the object path at which the action group is exported



a GDBusActionGroup.

[transfer full]

Since: 2.32

Types and Values


typedef struct _GDBusActionGroup GDBusActionGroup;

GDBusActionGroup is an opaque data structure and can only be accessed using the following functions.

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