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Low-level network support

GSocket — Low-level socket object
GDatagramBased — Low-level datagram communications interface
GInetAddress — An IPv4/IPv6 address
GInetAddressMask — An IPv4/IPv6 address mask
GSocketAddress — Abstract base class representing endpoints for socket communication
GInetSocketAddress — Internet GSocketAddress
GUnixSocketAddress — UNIX GSocketAddress
GSocketControlMessage — A GSocket control message
GUnixFDList — An object containing a set of UNIX file descriptors
GUnixFDMessage — A GSocketControlMessage containing a GUnixFDList
GCredentials — An object containing credentials
GUnixCredentialsMessage — A GSocketControlMessage containing credentials
GProxy — Interface for proxy handling
GProxyAddress — An internet address with proxy information
gnetworking.h — System networking includes
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