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Part II. API Reference

Table of Contents

File Operations
GFile — File and Directory Handling
GFileAttribute — Key-Value Paired File Attributes
GFileInfo — File Information and Attributes
GFileEnumerator — Enumerated Files Routines
GIOError — Error helper functions
GMountOperation — Object used for authentication and user interaction
File System Monitoring
GFileMonitor — File Monitor
File-related Utilities
GFilenameCompleter — Filename Completer
Asynchronous I/O
GCancellable — Thread-safe Operation Cancellation Stack
GAsyncResult — Asynchronous Function Results
GTask — Cancellable synchronous or asynchronous task and result
GIOScheduler — I/O Scheduler
GSimpleAsyncResult — Simple asynchronous results implementation
Data conversion
GConverter — Data conversion interface
GCharsetConverter — Convert between charsets
GZlibCompressor — Zlib compressor
GZlibDecompressor — Zlib decompressor
Streaming I/O
GSeekable — Stream seeking interface
GInputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
GOutputStream — Base class for implementing streaming output
GIOStream — Base class for implementing read/write streams
GSimpleIOStream — A wrapper around an input and an output stream.
GFileInputStream — File input streaming operations
GFileOutputStream — File output streaming operations
GFileIOStream — File read and write streaming operations
GFileDescriptorBased — Interface for file descriptor based IO
GFilterInputStream — Filter Input Stream
GFilterOutputStream — Filter Output Stream
GMemoryInputStream — Streaming input operations on memory chunks
GMemoryOutputStream — Streaming output operations on memory chunks
GBufferedInputStream — Buffered Input Stream
GBufferedOutputStream — Buffered Output Stream
GDataInputStream — Data Input Stream
GDataOutputStream — Data Output Stream
GUnixInputStream — Streaming input operations for UNIX file descriptors
GUnixOutputStream — Streaming output operations for UNIX file descriptors
GWin32InputStream — Streaming input operations for Windows file handles
GWin32OutputStream — Streaming output operations for Windows file handles
GConverterInputstream — Converter Input Stream
GConverterOutputstream — Converter Output Stream
GPollableInputStream — Interface for pollable input streams
GPollableOutputStream — Interface for pollable output streams
gpollableutils — Utilities for pollable streams
File types and applications
GContentType — Platform-specific content typing
GAppInfo — Application information and launch contexts
GAppInfoMonitor — Monitor application information for changes
GDesktopAppInfo — Application information from desktop files
Volumes and Drives
GVolumeMonitor — Volume Monitor
GVolume — Volume management
GMount — Mount management
GDrive — Drive management
Unix Mounts — UNIX mounts
GIcon — Interface for icons
GFileIcon — Icons pointing to an image file
GBytesIcon — An icon stored in memory as a GBytes
GLoadableIcon — Loadable Icons
GThemedIcon — Icon theming support
GEmblemedIcon — Icon with emblems
GEmblem — An object for emblems
Failable Initialization
GInitable — Failable object initialization interface
GAsyncInitable — Asynchronously failable object initialization interface
GSubprocess — Child processes
GSubprocess Launcher — Environment options for launching a child process
Low-level network support
GSocket — Low-level socket object
GDatagramBased — Low-level datagram communications interface
GInetAddress — An IPv4/IPv6 address
GInetAddressMask — An IPv4/IPv6 address mask
GSocketAddress — Abstract base class representing endpoints for socket communication
GInetSocketAddress — Internet GSocketAddress
GUnixSocketAddress — UNIX GSocketAddress
GSocketControlMessage — A GSocket control message
GUnixFDList — An object containing a set of UNIX file descriptors
GUnixFDMessage — A GSocketControlMessage containing a GUnixFDList
GCredentials — An object containing credentials
GUnixCredentialsMessage — A GSocketControlMessage containing credentials
GProxy — Interface for proxy handling
GProxyAddress — An internet address with proxy information
gnetworking.h — System networking includes
High-level network functionallity
GSocketClient — Helper for connecting to a network service
GSocketConnection — A socket connection
GUnixConnection — A UNIX domain GSocketConnection
GTcpConnection — A TCP GSocketConnection
GTcpWrapperConnection — Wrapper for non-GSocketConnection-based, GSocket-based GIOStreams
GSocketListener — Helper for accepting network client connections
GSocketService — Make it easy to implement a network service
GThreadedSocketService — A threaded GSocketService
GNetworkMonitor — Network status monitor
TLS (SSL) support
TLS Overview — TLS (aka SSL) support for GSocketConnection
GTlsCertificate — TLS certificate
GTlsConnection — TLS connection type
GTlsClientConnection — TLS client-side connection
GTlsServerConnection — TLS server-side connection
GDtlsConnection — DTLS connection type
GDtlsClientConnection — DTLS client-side connection
GDtlsServerConnection — DTLS server-side connection
GTlsBackend — TLS backend implementation
GTlsDatabase — TLS database type
GTlsFileDatabase — TLS file based database type
GTlsInteraction — Interaction with the user during TLS operations.
GTlsPassword — TLS Passwords for prompting
DNS resolution
GResolver — Asynchronous and cancellable DNS resolver
GProxyResolver — Asynchronous and cancellable network proxy resolver
GSimpleProxyResolver — Simple proxy resolver implementation
GSocketConnectable — Interface for potential socket endpoints
GNetworkAddress — A GSocketConnectable for resolving hostnames
GNetworkService — A GSocketConnectable for resolving SRV records
GSrvTarget — DNS SRV record target
Low-level D-Bus Support
D-Bus Utilities — Various utilities related to D-Bus
D-Bus Addresses — D-Bus connection endpoints
D-Bus Introspection Data — Node and interface description data structures
GDBusError — Mapping D-Bus errors to and from GError
GDBusMessage — D-Bus Message
GDBusConnection — D-Bus Connections
GDBusMethodInvocation — Object for handling remote calls
GDBusServer — Helper for accepting connections
GDBusAuthObserver — Object used for authenticating connections
High-level D-Bus Support
Owning Bus Names — Simple API for owning bus names
Watching Bus Names — Simple API for watching bus names
GDBusInterface — Base type for D-Bus interfaces
GDBusInterfaceSkeleton — Service-side D-Bus interface
GDBusProxy — Client-side D-Bus interface proxy
GDBusObject — Base type for D-Bus objects
GDBusObjectSkeleton — Service-side D-Bus object
GDBusObjectProxy — Client-side D-Bus object
GDBusObjectManager — Base type for D-Bus object managers
GDBusObjectManagerServer — Service-side object manager
GDBusObjectManagerClient — Client-side object manager
GSettings — High-level API for application settings
GSettingsBackend — Interface for settings backend implementations
GSettingsSchema, GSettingsSchemaSource — Introspecting and controlling the loading of GSettings schemas
GResource — Resource framework
GPermission — An object representing the permission to perform a certain action
GSimplePermission — A GPermission that doesn't change value
Data Models
GListModel — An interface describing a dynamic list of objects
GListStore — A simple implementation of GListModel
Win32 registry support
GWin32RegistryKey — W32 registry access helper
Application support
GApplication — Core application class
GApplicationCommandLine — A command-line invocation of an application
GActionGroup — A group of actions
GActionMap — Interface for action containers
GSimpleActionGroup — A simple GActionGroup implementation
GAction — An action interface
GSimpleAction — A simple GAction implementation
GPropertyAction — A GAction reflecting a GObject property
GRemoteActionGroup — A GActionGroup that interacts with other processes
GActionGroup exporter — Export GActionGroups on D-Bus
GDBusActionGroup — A D-Bus GActionGroup implementation
GMenuModel — An abstract class representing the contents of a menu
GMenu — A simple implementation of GMenuModel
GMenuModel exporter — Export GMenuModels on D-Bus
GDBusMenuModel — A D-Bus GMenuModel implementation
GNotification — User Notifications (pop up messages)
Extending GIO
GVfs — Virtual File System
GIOModule — Loadable GIO Modules
Extension Points — Extension Points
GIO Tools
gio-querymodules — GIO module cache creation
gsettings — GSettings configuration tool
glib-compile-schemas — GSettings schema compiler
glib-compile-resources — GLib resource compiler
gdbus — Tool for working with D-Bus objects
gdbus-codegen — D-Bus code and documentation generator
gresource — GResource tool
gapplication — D-Bus application launcher
gio — GIO commandline tool
GIO Testing
GTestDBus — D-Bus testing helper
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