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GtkVolumeButton — A button which pops up a volume control



gboolean use-symbolic Read / Write / Construct

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GtkWidget
            ╰── GtkContainer
                ╰── GtkBin
                    ╰── GtkButton
                        ╰── GtkScaleButton
                            ╰── GtkVolumeButton

Implemented Interfaces

GtkVolumeButton implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable, GtkActionable, GtkActivatable and GtkOrientable.


#include <gtk/gtk.h>


GtkVolumeButton is a subclass of GtkScaleButton that has been tailored for use as a volume control widget with suitable icons, tooltips and accessible labels.


gtk_volume_button_new ()

GtkWidget *
gtk_volume_button_new (void);

Creates a GtkVolumeButton, with a range between 0.0 and 1.0, with a stepping of 0.02. Volume values can be obtained and modified using the functions from GtkScaleButton.


a new GtkVolumeButton

Since 2.12

Types and Values

struct GtkVolumeButton

struct GtkVolumeButton;

Property Details

The “use-symbolic” property

  “use-symbolic”             gboolean

Whether to use symbolic icons as the icons. Note that if the symbolic icons are not available in your installed theme, then the normal (potentially colorful) icons will be used.

Flags: Read / Write / Construct

Default value: TRUE

Since 3.0

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