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GtkIMContextSimple — An input method context supporting table-based input methods

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GtkIMContext
        ╰── GtkIMContextSimple


#include <gtk/gtk.h>


GtkIMContextSimple is a simple input method context supporting table-based input methods. It has a built-in table of compose sequences that is derived from the X11 Compose files.

GtkIMContextSimple reads additional compose sequences from the first of the following files that is found: ~/.config/gtk-3.0/Compose, ~/.XCompose, /usr/share/X11/locale/$locale/Compose (for locales that have a nontrivial Compose file). The syntax of these files is described in the Compose(5) manual page.

GtkIMContextSimple also supports numeric entry of Unicode characters by typing Ctrl-Shift-u, followed by a hexadecimal Unicode codepoint. For example, Ctrl-Shift-u 1 2 3 Enter yields U+0123 LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH CEDILLA, i.e. ģ.


gtk_im_context_simple_new ()

GtkIMContext *
gtk_im_context_simple_new (void);

Creates a new GtkIMContextSimple.


a new GtkIMContextSimple.

gtk_im_context_simple_add_table ()

gtk_im_context_simple_add_table (GtkIMContextSimple *context_simple,
                                 guint16 *data,
                                 gint max_seq_len,
                                 gint n_seqs);

Adds an additional table to search to the input context. Each row of the table consists of max_seq_len key symbols followed by two guint16 interpreted as the high and low words of a gunicode value. Tables are searched starting from the last added.

The table must be sorted in dictionary order on the numeric value of the key symbol fields. (Values beyond the length of the sequence should be zero.)




A GtkIMContextSimple



the table.



Maximum length of a sequence in the table (cannot be greater than GTK_MAX_COMPOSE_LEN)



number of sequences in the table

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