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Part II. Reference

Table of Contents

Device Information
GUPnPDeviceInfo — Base abstract class for querying device information.
GUPnPServiceInfo — Base abstract class for querying service information.
GUPnPServiceIntrospection — Service introspection class.
Device Control
GUPnPControlPoint — Class for resource discovery.
GUPnPDeviceProxy — Proxy class for remote devices.
GUPnPServiceProxy — Proxy class for remote services.
Device Implementation
GUPnPDevice — Class for device implementations.
GUPnPRootDevice — Class for root device implementations.
GUPnPService — Class for service implementations.
Network context handling
GUPnPContext — Context object wrapping shared networking bits.
GUPnPContextManager — Manages GUPnPContext objects.
Utility Functions
GUPnPAcl — Object providing a simple access control list for GUPnP.
GUPnPWhiteList — Class for network filtering.
GUPnPResourceFactory — Class for resource and resource proxy object creation.
GUPnPXMLDoc — GObject wrapper for xmlDoc.
Error codes — Error domains and codes.
Special UPnP types — Extra types for use when calling UPnP actions.
Utility functions
gupnp-binding-tool — creates C convenience wrappers for UPnP services
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