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gimpsignal — Portable signal handling.


Portable signal handling.


GimpSignalHandlerFunc ()

(*GimpSignalHandlerFunc) (gint signum);

A prototype for a reference to a signal handler functions. Note that each function which takes or returns a variable of this type also accepts or may return special values defined by your system's signal.h header file (like SIG_DFL or SIG_IGN ).



The number of the signal. Useful if different signals are handled by a single handler.


gimp_signal_private ()

gimp_signal_private (gint signum,
                     GimpSignalHandlerFunc handler,
                     gint flags);

This function furnishes a workalike for signal(2) but which internally invokes sigaction(2) after certain sa_flags are set; these primarily to ensure restarting of interrupted system calls. See sigaction(2) It is a aid to transition and not new development: that effort should employ sigaction directly. [gosgood 18.04.2000]

Cause handler to be run when signum is delivered. We use sigaction(2) rather than signal(2) so that we can control the signal handler's environment completely via flags : some signal(2) implementations differ in their semantics, so we need to nail down exactly what we want. [austin 06.04.2000]



Selects signal to be handled see man 5 signal (or man 7 signal)



Handler that maps to signum. Invoked by O/S. Handler gets signal that caused invocation. Corresponds to the sa_handler field of the sigaction struct.



Preferences. OR'ed SA_<xxx>. See man sigaction. Corresponds to the sa_flags field of the sigaction struct.



A reference to the signal handling function which was active before the call to gimp_signal_private().

See Also

signal(2), signal(5 or 7), sigaction(2).

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