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James Henstridge


for libglade 2.6.4

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libglade is a library that provides interfaces for loading graphical interfaces described in glade xml files and for accessing the widgets built in the loading process, .glade files are generated by the Glade application.

This manual documents the interfaces of the libglade library and has some short notes to help get you up to speed with using the library.

Libglade Programming Notes
Libglade Programming Basics
Libglade Modules
Internationalisation with Libglade
Extending Libglade
Embedding Libglade Interfaces
Glade 2.0 File Format
Property Representations
I. Libglade Library Reference
Libglade Initialisation — Routines used to initialise libglade.
GladeXML — Allows dynamic loading of user interfaces from XML descriptions.
Libglade SAX Parser — Declarations and routines for accessing the SAX based parser.
Libglade Build — Routines used by widget building routines
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