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I. ICE Library
NiceAgent — ICE agent API implementation
NiceAddress — IP address convenience library
NiceCandidate — ICE candidate representation
Libnice helper functions
Debug messages — Debug messages utility functions
Network interfaces discovery — Utility functions to discover local network interfaces
II. STUN Library
StunAgent — STUN agent for building and validating STUN messages
StunMessage — STUN messages parsing and formatting functions
STUN Constants — STUN constants
STUN usages
Bind — STUN Binding Usage
TURN — TURN Allocation Usage
Timer — STUN timer Usage
III. Pseudo TCP Socket implementation
Pseudo TCP Socket — Pseudo TCP implementation
IV. Appendices
API Index
Index of deprecated symbols
Annotation Glossary

The libnice library contains the ICE library and the STUN library as well as a Pseudo TCP socket implementation.

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