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Debug messages

Debug messages — Debug messages utility functions

Stability Level

Unstable, unless otherwise indicated



Libnice can output a lot of information when debug messages are enabled. This can significantly help track down problems and/or understand what it's doing.

You can enable/disable the debug messages by calling nice_debug_enable() or nice_debug_disable() and choosing whether you want only ICE debug messages or also stun debug messages.

By default, the debug messages are disabled, unless the environment variable NICE_DEBUG is set, in which case, it must contain a comma separated list of flags specifying which debug to enable.

The currently available flags are "nice", "stun", "pseudotcp", "pseudotcp-verbose" or "all" to enable all debug messages.

If the 'pseudotcp' flag is enabled, then 'pseudotcp-verbose' gets automatically disabled. This is to allow the use of the 'all' flag without having verbose messages from pseudotcp. You can enable verbose debug messages from the pseudotcp layer by specifying 'pseudotcp-verbose' without the 'pseudotcp' flag.

This API is unstable and is subject to change at any time... More flags are to come and a better API to enable/disable each flag should be added.


nice_debug_enable ()

nice_debug_enable (gboolean with_stun);

Enables libnice debug output to the terminal. Note that the G_MESSAGES_DEBUG and NICE_DEBUG environment variables must be set to the set of logging domains to print, in order for any output to be printed. Set them to all to print all debugging messages, or any of the following domains:

  • libnice-stun

  • libnice-tests

  • libnice-socket

  • libnice

  • libnice-pseudotcp

  • libnice-pseudotcp-verbose



Also enable STUN debugging messages


nice_debug_disable ()

nice_debug_disable (gboolean with_stun);

Disables libnice debug output to the terminal



Also disable stun debugging messages


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