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atk.Relation — an object used to describe a relation between a object and one or more other objects.


class atk.Relation(gobject.GObject):
    atk.Relation(targets, relationship)
def get_relation_type()
def get_target()

    def atk.relation_type_register(name)
def atk.relation_type_get_name(relationship)
def atk.relation_type_for_name(name)


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- atk.Relation

atk.Relation Properties

"relation-type"Read-WriteThe type of the relation - one of the Atk Relation Type Constants. Default value: atk.RELATION_NULL.
"target"Read-WriteAn array of the targets for the relation. Default value: None.

atk.Relation Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes


An atk.Relation describes a relation between an object and one or more other objects. The actual relations that an object has with other objects are defined as an atk.RelationSet, which contains a set of atk.Relation objects.



    atk.Relation(targets, relationship)

targets :

a sequence of atk.Object objects

relationship :

one of the Atk Relation Type Constants with which to create the new atk.Relation

Returns :

a new atk.Relation

Create a new relation for the specified relationship type and the specified sequence of targets.



    def get_relation_type()

Returns :

the relation type - one of the Atk Relation Type Constants.

Gets the relationship type.


    def get_target()

Returns :

the target list of relation

Gets the target list of atk.Object objects.



    def atk.relation_type_register(name)

name :

a name string

Returns :

a new one of the Atk Relation Type Constants that is associated with name

Associate name with a new one of the Atk Relation Type Constants.


    def atk.relation_type_get_name(type)

type :

one of the Atk Relation Type Constants.

Returns :

the string associated with relationship.

Gets the description string describing the relation type specified by type.


    def atk.relation_type_for_name(name)

name :

a string which is the (non-localized) name of an ATK relation type.

Returns :

the matching type of the Atk Relation Type Constants corresponding to the specified name, or atk.RELATION_NULL if no matching relation type is found.

Get the relation type corresponding to the specified name.

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