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gtk.CellRendererSpin — an object that renders a spin button in a cell (new in PyGTK 2.10)


class gtk.CellRendererSpin(gtk.CellRendererText):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.CellRenderer
      +-- gtk.CellRendererText
        +-- gtk.CellRendererSpin

gtk.CellRendererSpin Properties

gtk.Object Properties

gtk.CellRenderer Properties

gtk.CellRendererText Properties

"adjustment"Read-WriteThe gtk.Adjustment that holds the value of the spinbutton. This must be non-None for the cell renderer to be editable. Default value: None. Available in GTK+ 2.10 and above.
"climb-rate"Read-WriteThe acceleration rate when you hold down a button. Range: [0.0,MAXDOUBLE]. Default value: 0.0. Available in GTK+ 2.10 and above.
"digits"Read-WriteThe number of decimal places to display. Range: [0,20]. Default value: 0. Available in GTK+ 2.10 and above.

gtk.CellRendererSpin Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes

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gtk.CellRenderer Signal Prototypes

gtk.CellRendererText Signal Prototypes


gtk.CellRendererSpin renders text in a cell like gtk.CellRendererText from which it is derived. But while gtk.CellRendererText offers a simple entry to edit the text, gtk.CellRendererSpin offers a gtk.SpinButton widget. Of course, that means that the text has to be parseable as a floating point number.

The range of the spinbutton is taken from the "adjustment" property of the cell renderer, which can be set explicitly or mapped to a column in the tree model. Like all properties of cellrenderers. gtk.CellRendererSpin also has properties for the "climb-rate" and the number of "digits" to display. Other gtk.SpinButton properties can be set in a handler for the "gtk.CellRenderer.editing-started" signal.




Returns :

a new gtk.CellRendererSpin


This constructor is available in PyGTK 2.10 and above.

Creates a new gtk.CellRendererSpin.

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