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): gtk.ColorSelectionDialog(title)
def get_color_selection()


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Implemented Interfaces

gtk.ColorSelectionDialog implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.ColorSelectionDialog Properties

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gtk.ColorSelectionDialog Style Properties

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"colorsel"ReadThe gtk.ColorSelection widget contained in the dialog.
"ok_button"ReadThe "OK" button contained in the dialog.
"cancel_button"ReadThe "Cancel" button contained in the dialog.
"help_button"ReadThe "Help" button contained in the dialog.

gtk.ColorSelectionDialog Signal Prototypes

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The gtk.ColorSelectionDialog provides a standard dialog that allows a user to select a color. The gtk.ColorSelectionDialog uses an embedded gtk.ColorSelection to provide color selection capability.

Use the attributes (ok_button, cancel_button and help_button) of the colorselectiondialog to connect handlers to the "OK", "Cancel" and "Help" button "clicked" signals. The colorsel attribute provides access to the colorselection widget. Connect a handler to its "color-changed" signal to be notified when the color is changed. The current color can be retrieved using the gtk.ColorSelection.get_current_color() method.



title :

a string to be used as the dialog title.

Returns :

a new colorselectiondialog

Creates a new gtk.ColorSelectionDialog using the string contained in title as the text for the dialog title.



    def get_color_selection()

Returns :

the embedded gtk.ColorSelection.


This method is available in PyGTK 2.14 and above.

The get_color_selection() method retrieves the gtk.ColorSelection widget embedded in the dialog.

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