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gtk.HScale — a horizontal slider widget for selecting a value from a range.


class gtk.HScale(gtk.Scale):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.Widget
      +-- gtk.Range
        +-- gtk.Scale
          +-- gtk.HScale

Implemented Interfaces

gtk.HScale implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.HScale Properties

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gtk.Widget Properties

gtk.Range Properties

gtk.Scale Properties

gtk.HScale Style Properties

gtk.Widget Style Properties

gtk.Range Style Properties

gtk.Scale Style Properties

gtk.HScale Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes

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gtk.Widget Signal Prototypes

gtk.Range Signal Prototypes

gtk.Scale Signal Prototypes


The gtk.HScale is subclassed from gtk.Scale to provide a widget that allows a user to select a value using a horizontal slider. See the gtk.Scale description for more information on the methods available to manage a gtk.HScale.



adjustment :

a gtk.Adjustment object

Returns :

a new hscale widget

Creates a new gtk.HScale widget and associates a gtk.Adjustment specified by adjustment. The default value of adjustment is None which creates the hscale with no gtk.Adjustment.

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