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gtk.Requisition — an object containing information about the desired space requirements of a widget.


class gtk.Requisition(gobject.GBoxed):
    def copy()
def free()


"width"Read-Writethe desired width of the widget
"height"Read-Writethe desired height of the widget


A gtk.Requisition holds the information about the desired space requirements (width and height) of a widget. A gtk.Requisition object has width and height attributes that can be read and written.


There appears to be no way to create or use a gtk.Requisition in PyGTK other than as an argument in the handler for the gtk.Widget "size-request" signal.



    def copy()

Returns :

a copy of the gtk.Requisition

The copy() method returns a copy of the gtk.Requisition.

    def free()


This method is deprecated and should not be used since it can crash your application.

The free() method frees the resources allocated to the gtk.Requisition.

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