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+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.Widget
      +-- gtk.Range
        +-- gtk.Scrollbar

Implemented Interfaces

gtk.Scrollbar implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.Scrollbar Properties

gtk.Object Properties

gtk.Widget Properties

gtk.Range Properties

gtk.Scrollbar Style Properties

gtk.Widget Style Properties

gtk.Range Style Properties

"fixed-slider-length"ReadIf True don't change the slider size, just lock it to the minimum length
"has-backward-stepper"ReadIf True display the standard backward arrow button
"has-forward-stepper"ReadIf True display the standard forward arrow button
"has-secondary-backward-stepper"ReadIf True display a second backward arrow button on the opposite end of the scrollbar
"has-secondary-forward-stepper"ReadIf True display a secondary forward arrow button on the opposite end of the scrollbar
min-slider-length""ReadThe minimum length of scrollbar slider

gtk.Scrollbar Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes

gtk.Object Signal Prototypes

gtk.Widget Signal Prototypes

gtk.Range Signal Prototypes


The gtk.Scrollbar widget is an abstract base class for gtk.HScrollbar and gtk.VScrollbar. The position of the thumb in a scrollbar is controlled by the scroll adjustments. The gtk.Scrollbar uses the attributes in an adjustment (see gtk.Adjustment) as follows:

  • the adjustment.lower attribute is the minimum value of the scroll region
  • the adjustment.upper attribute is the maximum value of the scroll region
  • the adjustment.value attribute represents the position of the scrollbar, which must be between adjustment.lower and adjustment.upper - adjustment.page_size
  • the adjustment.page_size attribute represents the size of the visible scrollable area
  • the adjustment.step_increment attribute is the distance to scroll when the small stepper arrows are clicked
  • the adjustment.page_increment attribute is the distance to scroll when the Page Up or Page Down keys are pressed
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