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gtk.TearoffMenuItem — a menu item used to tear off and reattach its menu.


class gtk.TearoffMenuItem(gtk.MenuItem):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.Widget
      +-- gtk.Container
        +-- gtk.Bin
          +-- gtk.Item
            +-- gtk.MenuItem
              +-- gtk.TearoffMenuItem

Implemented Interfaces

gtk.TearoffMenuItem implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.TearoffMenuItem Properties

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gtk.TearoffMenuItem Style Properties

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gtk.TearoffMenuItem Signal Prototypes

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A gtk.TearoffMenuItem is a special gtk.MenuItem which is used to tear off and reattach its menu. When its menu is shown normally, the gtk.TearoffMenuItem is drawn as a dotted line indicating that the menu can be torn off. Activating it causes its menu to be torn off and displayed in its own window as a tearoff menu. When its menu is shown as a tearoff menu, the gtk.TearoffMenuItem is drawn as a dotted line which has a left pointing arrow graphic indicating that the tearoff menu can be reattached. Activating it will remove the tearoff menu window.



Returns :

a new gtk.TearoffMenuItem widget

Creates a new gtk.TearoffMenuItem widget.

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