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): gtk.TextChildAnchor()
def get_widgets()
def get_deleted()


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.TextChildAnchor

gtk.TextChildAnchor Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes


A gtk.TextChildAnchor provides a location in a gtk.TextBuffer for placing child widgets in a gtk.TextView. Since a gtk.TextBuffer can be associated with more than one gtk.TextView a gtk.TextChildAnchor can have a different child widget inserted for each textview it is displayed in.



Returns :

a new gtk.TextChildAnchor object

Creates a new gtk.TextChildAnchor. Usually you would then insert it into a gtk.TextBuffer with the gtk.TextBuffer.insert_child_anchor() method. To perform the creation and insertion in one step, use the convenience method gtk.TextBuffer.create_child_anchor() method.



    def get_widgets()

Returns :

a list of widgets anchored at the child anchor

The get_widgets() method returns a list of all widgets anchored at this child anchor from all the associated textviews.


    def get_deleted()

Returns :

True if the child anchor has been deleted from its textbuffer

The get_deleted() method returns True if the child anchor has been deleted from its textbuffer.

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