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): gtk.VButtonBox()


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.Widget
      +-- gtk.Container
        +-- gtk.Box
          +-- gtk.ButtonBox
            +-- gtk.VButtonBox

Implemented Interfaces

gtk.VButtonBox implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.VButtonBox Properties

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gtk.Container Properties

gtk.Box Properties

gtk.ButtonBox Properties

gtk.VButtonBox Style Properties

gtk.Widget Style Properties

gtk.ButtonBox Style Properties

gtk.VButtonBox Child Properties

gtk.Box Child Properties

gtk.ButtonBox Child Properties

gtk.VButtonBox Signal Prototypes

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gtk.Container Signal Prototypes


A gtk.VButtonBox is a container subclassed from gtk.ButtonBox that is optimized for the vertical layout of buttons. The gtk.VButtonBox helps provide a consistent layout of buttons in an application by supplying default values of spacing, padding and layout style (see the gtk.ButtonBox reference for more detail). Buttons are packed into a gtk.VButtonBox using the gtk.Container.add()) method. The pack_start() and pack_end() methods can also be used but they work just like the gtk.Container.add()) method i.e. they pack the button in a way that depends on the current layout style and on whether the button has had the gtk.ButtonBox.set_child_secondary() method called on it. The spacing between buttons can be set with the gtk.Box.set_spacing() method. The arrangement and layout of the buttons can be changed with the gtk.ButtonBox.set_layout() method.



Returns :

a new gtk.VButtonBox widget

Creates a new gtk.VButtonBox widget

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