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gtk.GenericCellRenderer — a TreeView cell renderer that helps create cell renderers in Python


class gtk.GenericCellRenderer(gtk.CellRenderer):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.CellRenderer
      +-- gtk.GenericCellRenderer


The gtk.GenericCellRenderer helps in the creation of gtk.TreeView cell renderers in Python. The gtk.GenericCellRenderer is subclassed to provide a new cell renderer that provides cell renderer behavior using methods with predefined names that are called by the gtk.GenericCellRenderer methods as required to provide the various cell renderer operations. The methods that need to be defined by the programmer in Python are:

def on_get_size(widget, cell_area)
def on_render(window, widget, background_area, cell_area, expose_area, flags)
def on_activate(event, widget, path, background_area, cell_area, flags)
def on_start_editing(event, widget, path, background_area, cell_area, flags)

See the gtk.CellRenderer description for details of the above methods.



Returns :

a new gtk.GenericCellRenderer object

Creates a new gtk.GenericCellRenderer

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